This Former Jailhouse Rocks

Next month, the historic Dallas Municipal Building will reopen as the new home of UNT Dallas College of Law. The 105-year old building has been abandoned for years, but now after two years and $56 million of interior renovation, it’s ready. The renovation included preservation of the single cell block from what was once the…

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Graphics and Video were the Ways and Means

When the House Committee on Ways and Means worked on bills last year to modernize Consumer-Directed Benefits (CDBs) as a means of lowering costs and expanding access to healthcare coverage, our client WageWorks testified, guiding the legislation that was eventually advanced. WageWorks’ advocacy in the halls of government helps preserve and expand the tax advantages…

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Grandscape is Saving Seats for You

The wait is coming to an end. Chef Jason Boso’s The Truck Yard will open this July at Grandscape, a 400-acre development in The Colony that SullivanPerkins named and helped brand. Last year, the owners of The Truck Yard purchased San Antonio-based Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum, and they will be bringing those seats…

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Coming Through in the Clutch

Clutch, a B2B ratings and review firm based in Washington, D.C., has named SullivanPerkins “the #1 company in Dallas” under the heading “creative and design.” Number 1? Unfortunately, SullivanPerkins has no monopoly on design skills in Dallas, as there are many excellent firms, but we’ll accept the compliment anyway, which was based in part on…

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Why Did The Quail Cross The Road?

Looking for everything you’d ever want to know about quail? The Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation is a nonprofit with a singular focus: understanding and managing Bobwhite and Scaled Quail in West Texas. Its underlying mission: to preserve the Texas heritage of wild quail hunting for future generations. So, if you’re interested in quail survival,…

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Met The Pet Vet Yet?

Heading into the new year, we’re excited to be introducing more people (and pets!) to The Pet Vet, a group of animal hospitals located in select Petco stores. Look for their new website and other promotional materials soon. An exceptionally cute pet, XO, has even managed to paw her way into an upcoming brochure. We’re…

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Nice, Ice!

Congratulations, Clemson, on winning the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic this weekend. And congrats to Carl Ice, chairman of the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association, on delivering a successful event to our city. We’re used to celebrating Mr. Ice’s success, as he’s also president and CEO of BNSF Railway, a client we’ve served for more than a…

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Tracking Progress in Sustainability

Did you realize just one BNSF train can remove several hundred trucks from our highways, significantly reducing traffic and carbon emissions? BNSF Railway recently issued its annual Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report, designed by SullivanPerkins. Make tracks to see it here.

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Kelly Has Left the Building

He left us for a long weekend and came back married! By Elvis! Viva, Las Vegas! And congratulations, Kelly (extraordinary graphic designer/fashion icon) and Lea Ann!

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Going with the Flow

Our work for Brad Heppner began nearly 20 years ago, when he ran The Crossroads Group, a fund of funds business that was sold to Lehman Brothers in 2003. More recently, SullivanPerkins has developed all branded materials for The Beneficient Company — BEN, for short — a unique financial services company that will provide liquidity…

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